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Tractor Trailer / Trucking Collisions Require Fast Action

Collisions involving a heavy truck (also known as a semi, a tractor-trailer, or an 18 wheeler) and an automobile require special attention.  They are not just simple car wrecks.  Why?  Because if you are involved in a serious collision with a heavy truck, you can bet that the trucking company’s insurance representative will try its hardest to beat everyone to the scene to “gather” evidence and investigate.  These insurance companies have investigators literally on stand by so that if something happens, they can be on the scene immediately.  That’s why you need someone to help you protect your rights and protect your family should you unfortunately lose the ability to earn income while you are injured.

In 18-wheeler collisions, you have to deal with several issues almost immediately:

1.  Make sure that the tractor-trailer is not taken to its home state if the driver is from out-of-state.

2.  Make sure that the driver’s logs (as in records) of his hours, destinations, etc. are preserved.

3.  Make sure that any type of “black boxes” in the truck are preserved, and downloaded to preserve the truck’s speed, braking, etc.

4.  Determine whether the truck has a satellite tracking system, which can provide valuable information.

5.  Preserve the load being carried by the truck to make sure that it was loaded properly and was not overweight.

The list goes on and on, but you get the picture and the point, which is, as I said above, that trucking accidents are simply not the same as automobile accidents.  You must have experienced individuals working for you right of the bat.  That’s why we have a team of investigators and experts who can work for you.  Let them sweat the details of the accident, while you do your best to get your life back on track.

Edwin Lamberth

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