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What If I Told You There Is No Such Thing As a Side Blindspot?

Would you believe me? Well, it’s the truth. I did not believe it myself at first, but I found this out while doing research for some of our lane-change accident cases. Oftentimes, we hear truckers who drive large tractor-trailers say that they could not see the car beside him because it was in his or her “blind spot.” Well, if that trucker had had the proper mirrors, and had them adjusted properly, that blind spot would not exist. Here is a diagram of proper mirror coverage put out by a trucking industry source:

Are there blind spots?  Sure – on the front and in the very back, places you would expect blind spots to exist.  But on the sides?  Well, I’ll let you decide.  Rear blind spots are why the trucking industry teaches “GOAL” – Get Out And Look – before backing up.

But what about passenger cars, trucks, and SUVs, you say?  Most, if not all, of us believe that we have blind spots on them.  No so fast, my friend.

Cars, trucks, and SUVs, with properly adjusted mirrors, should have no appreciable blind spots.  Here is one of the best articles I could find on the subject, including how to adjust your mirrors.  Another tip I have heard and read about is that if you can see the side of your car in your side mirrors, your mirrors aren’t adjusted correctly.

So folks, let’s bust the blind spot myth.  Adjust our mirrors, and avoid accidents.  And next time you hear someone say, “I didn’t see that car.  It was in my blind spot,” you will know how to respond.

Edwin Lamberth

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