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The Financial Impacts of Personal Injury

Whenever someone is injured – whether it be in a trucking accident, an on-the-job injury, an automobile accident, or as a result of a defective product – the first ,and obviously most important, concern is getting the person healthy.  The entire family’s thoughts, prayers, and energy go to making sure that the injured family member gets the best care available and makes the best recovery possible.

Once that initial recovery is over, many, if not most, clients face the reality of the financial impacts of personal injury.  Medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses all start to pile up.  Believe it or not, your lawyer can and should help you with these problems.

First, a good lawyer will always contact your health care providers and let them know that you will be making a claim.  The attorney can and should let your health care provider know that he or she should deal with the attorney, rather than you, about your medical bills. Usually, a health care provider will honor your attorney”s request and “call of the dogs” in the billing department.  This should result in less stress for you.  Rather than hounding you for payment, you should leave it to your attorney to handle your medical bills.  It is part of what a good attorney will do.  Of course, not every health care provider will cooperate, but a good attorney will do his or her very best to help you out.

Second, and possibly the most devastating aspect of a personal injury for many people, is lost income.  Many people simply do not have the savings to withstand several weeks, months, or maybe even years of lost income.  Again, your attorney should be there to help you.  He or she can help you identify possible supplemental sources of income — social security disability, disability insurance policies, and other potential options.  Of course, we all hope that our families, churches, and friends will be there to help us in times of need, but if these sources fall short, you simply have to look elsewhere.  Companies that advance money to personal injury victims usually aren’t good options because they charge interest rates that are just too high.  Rather than use them, I encouage you to talk to your lawyer about the problem.  He should have a solution that will help.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – your lawyer should be there to help you through all aspects of your case, including your financial problems.  It’s really that simple.

Edwin Lamberth

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