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Why Get a Lawyer After a Car Accident?

Why Get a Lawyer After a Car Accident?

Getting into a car accident is one of those moments that can ruin your day in a split second, but it can get worse in the long run if you don’t get a lawyer. Even if the crash is relatively insignificant, you should call a lawyer immediately. While injuries may seem minor at the time, there is always the possibility something could come back to bite you – you realize your injuries are worse than you realized, the other driver claims injuries, etc. There are several things you must do to preserve evidence, document injuries and protect yourself in the event of a lawsuit.

What Are the Benefits if Hiring a Lawyer After a Car Accident?

Hiring a lawyer after a car accident can benefit you in several ways from increasing the amount you can receive in damages to collecting and preserving evidence in the early stages of your case. Here are several ways hiring a lawyer can benefit you when you are navigating the issues after a car accident:

  • Working with a lawyer on your accident case on average can get you three times more than you can on your own.
  • Your lawyer will conduct an investigation into your accident by reviewing police reports, working with an accident reconstruction expert where applicable and taking witness statements.
  • Your law firm will preserve evidence to present for settlement or at trial to help you prove your case.
  • Your firm will collect evidence about loss of income and medical bills directly caused by the accident.
  • Your lawyer will handle settlement negotiations and advise you on a decision to settle or go to trial.
  • If you go to trial, your lawyer will handle your case every step of the way and advise you throughout the process.
  • Your firm will handle all communications with the other party’s attorney and deal with any insurance issues that arise.
  • Your attorney will represent you professionally and without the emotional toll you may be feeling. This allows you to navigate any injuries and deal with any fallout from the accident while trusting that you are being taken care of.
  • You will not pay attorney fees unless you win. Personal injury/accident cases are handled on contingency which means that you do not pay unless your case receives a favorable settlement or a verdict.

Contingency Agreement

What Should I Do if I am in an Accident?

As we mentioned in our last article about tractor-trailer accidents, there are several important actions to take if you are involved in an accident.

  • Call an ambulance. If there are injuries, immediate medical care is essential to recovery. It will also document your injuries if you need to prove damages.
  • Call the police. One of the most important things to have after an accident is evidence. Without it, you get into a we said/they said scenario, and that complicates everything.
  • Take photographs. Document the scene and any injuries if possible. The more documentation you have, the better, especially if you end up in a lawsuit.
  • Gather contact information for any witnesses if possible. The police usually take care of this, but having the information for yourself is a good idea.
  • Get checked out by a doctor. Injuries do not always appear immediately, and it is important to document throughout the process.
  • Absolutely do not post about the accident on social media. If you wind up in a lawsuit, anything you say could be used. Avoid it.
  • Call a personal injury attorney for a consultation immediately.

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